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... and everyone has been using a .024" bit to cut the fret slots. ... Do you have a way to accurately and precisely measure the width of your cuts ... CNC Fretboard Modeling - Fusion 360 | Electric Herald Dec 31, 2017 ... We are using example fret wire measurements from Steward MacDonald. ... Get Your Fretboard Measurements First ... Part III: Cutting Fret Slots. Compression fretting 101 - RC Tonewoods

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Feb 19, 2016 · to cut the fret slots I use a procut saw, fine cut, wich i can easily sharpen when necessary. 2 parts of acrylic glued on each side of the blade to work as a depth limiter. How about a refret tutorial? | The Gear Page

Dec 21, 2016 · I repeatedly make the slots slightly too wide and the fret end will not seat well without making the fret tang wider with fret expanders. Its not that I make it ridiculously wide its just say .023 instead of .020. It is only sometimes not all the time. If it is .020 the fret seats perfectly if its its .023 its loose, at least on the ends.

Mar 15, 2019 · That's odd, you should be measuring the fret tang and the fret slot, consider how much room you need for glue, and also measure the width of the tang and slots. You use a saw with an acrylic depth gauge and follow the radius, and make sure you don't botch the sides of the neck. You can also file the fret barbs so they aren't too fat for the slots.

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DIY How to Set Up a Fend Strat | Guitars | Guitar Family DIY How to Set Up a Fend Strat - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. DIY How to Set Up a Fend How to Install a New Tune-o-matic Bridge | Premier Guitar Tune-o-matic bridges are common on many guitars, including Gibson Les Paul, SG, and Firebird models. They come in several styles and shapes, depending on the guitar. Some Tune-o-matics have a retaining wire (the vintage ABR-1, for example … How to make a cello banjo To put it simply, experiment with the position of the end of the drum/neck mounting piece (up & down -- while keeping things centered horizontally) until the distance from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings (I use the … Zero Glide Nut Replacement (Zero Fret Installation) for Guitar

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Trade Secrets! | With so many fret crowning files on the market how do you choose? Which one is the "best"? It depends on a lot of factors, how skilled are you at doing fret work, what's your budget, is this a hobby or are you doing repair work for money? Electric Guitar Project: 24 Steps (with Pictures) For this join, I used Koch's method of drilling holes through the fret slots and hammering small nails in to keep the board in place. Fully Plywood Guitar AKA How to Annoy Purists: 11 Steps (with Fully Plywood Guitar AKA How to Annoy Purists: Plywood gets alot of stick in the guitar world, being reserved for mostly only the cheapest guitars. However after much searching on the internet I have concluded it doesn't matter what an …